Saturday, August 18, 2007

Saturdays always go by so fast.

Today is rainy and ikky or as Pooh would say a very very Blustery Day.

My friend Becki Is FINALLY throwing a house warming party. So I will go and party with her once the kiddlets are in bed.

Whats on the loom?

Red KK is full of wool, I am making some slippers extra wide because my hubby has big wide feet.

Long double sided knitting board has loads of pink/blue baby yarn and has a big blanket on it.

Smaller 28" board has a washcloth on it.

I went to The Yarn Cafe and OH MY GOD what an awesome place that is! Loads of yarns in hanks and comfy couches with a fireplace near by! Also you can order yummy food, wine, beer and pop as well as coffees and such. I was in Heaven!

i got some yummy wool and they also had Rowan Big Wool on sale for 3.99. It was a very fun time.

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