Thursday, August 16, 2007

How to make a Round Knitting loom

My husband was nice enough to write up his instructions for making a round knitting loom.

Here they are.

Steps to make a round loom

1) Choose a square piece of solid hardwood like oak or maple ¾” thick. Find the center of the square and mark it.

2) Use the following formula to determine the circumference of the circle you need. The example in the formula is for a 48 pin, ¼” center to center round loom.


Take the number of pins(48) and multiply by the
spacing you want .25(1/4")
this will give you the circumference of the circle
which would be 12" next divide the circumference(12") by 3 and this will
give you the diameter of the circle you need which would be 4". Then just mark out the 2 axis lines
and continue to go around in 1/4" increments.
This worked out for me and I wound up with 48 c pins
1/4" center to center.

This formula should work for any amount of pins you need.

4) Now that you have your circle drawn and the pin locations marked, I drill a 3/32” hole for each pin(when using 1/8” cotter pins). Drill hole 3/8” deep for each pin. I used a drill press but a hand drill will work as well and cut cotter pins to the correct height you want.

5) Next draw a circle 3/8” smaller diameter from the center point this will be the center hole.

6) Draw a circle a 3/8” or larger diameter from the center point, this will give you the outer edge of your loom.

7) Cut the outer circle using a jig saw, cut the inner circle by drilling a hole in the center then cutting with a jig saw.

8) To install pins I put a flat head bolt in my drill press, held the pin in place and pushed it down with the drill press 3/8” down into the piece of wood. (note: drill press was not turned on)

9) Sand inner and outer edges, top and bottom till smooth, coat with paste wax(available at hardware stores) or polyurethane. I used the wax, it dries faster and you can use your loom right away!

10) Congratulations! Your all done!


Jackie said...

Please tell your dear hubby thanks for the instructions...Now I'll just have to pass them on to my deary hubby! ;o) Right now he's busy getting ready for harvest season, so I may have to wait awhile, or I may pass them on to a neighbor that does woodworking.

Plus I wanted to tell you how cute your little leggings are. I'll just have to see if any of my friends or family have someone about that size. Maybe I'll make some for Christmas.

Thanks again...Happy Looming!

Jennifer M said...

My hubby says Your very welcome!

and thank you very much!!!

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