Friday, August 24, 2007

Looking for loads of loom patterns for free?

Ok well the best source for loom knitting patterns that I have found so far, is

they have tuns, Also Bev's Country Cottage has a tun of them too. Bev worked pretty hard and has done awesome at looming tips and patterns. She also does a heck of a lot of charity and good works.

they just did all the work for you, so instead of googleing one pattern after another you just chose a project and they link you to it.

They did a great job, and I think I love them.

And for learning stitches and having a great tutorial on how to's I go to Isela Phelps at The Purling Sprite

Isela is my Hero, She has a book out called Loom Knitting Primer and I highly praise this book!

When my hubby is too busy to make my looms I buy them at D.A. LOOMS

So yeah thats my thoughts for the day. I hope they have lead you somewhere useful!

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