Wednesday, August 15, 2007

making a round Knitting Loom

A lot of women from my yahoo group Roundlooms have emailed my hubby to ask him how to space the pegs on there looms. Here is what he has told them. If you would like more complete instruction just drop me a line or comment and I will help you out with that... Well HE will because he is a super talented man!

So here is what he told me to tell you all!

Take the number of pins(48) and multiply by the
spacing you want .25(1/4")

this will give you the circumference of the circle

which would be 12" next divide the circumference(12") by 3 and this will
give you the diameter of the circle you need which would be 4". Then just
mark out the 2 axis lines and continue to go around in 1/4" increments.

This worked out for me and I wound up with 48 c pins
1/4" center to center.

This formula should work for any amount of pins you need.

I hope this helps!

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notapunkrockguy said...

Sweet I am on a blog!! Haha im a dork i know but "I rock the shop" and my "wife rocks the loom" Good luck with the loom making!!