Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Pup Sweaters and the difference between him and me.

My husband is a carpenter/artist/furniture maker...A lot of stuff huh? Busy guy... thats good though, because he lives to be busy. I on the other hand, live to do the little stuff, like love on babies and animals and knit, and read.

He on the other hand is a mover and a shaker... he lives to be doing something all the time. Right now as we speak he is building someone an entire Shed today.

He makes these wonderful pieces of functional art... he does finish carpentry... ugh the man has a gift with wood and metal.

I on the other hand am a naturally lazy person. I raise my daughter and do surrogacies for people, take care of my brother and the other animals lol. But My "passions" usually are for the things that won't make me sweat or breathe hard. Like knitting. And lately the knitting has centered around Dog sweaters... I am addicted to them for the moment. I have made several and would love to show you all! But the mover and shaker has stolen my camera to build a shed.

So in other news I will bore you all with surrogacy news and info ok?

I am a gestational surrogate. Witch means I find wonderful people to have children for, I do not use my eggs so I am not related to the children I birth. My last surrogacy was for a gay couple, I gave birth to twin girls last October, the journey was so wonderful and exciting that I knew right when I saw there faces at the first ultrasound that I was going to do this again!

So Here I am in my second journey for a wonderful and deserving straight couple. They are wonderful and I cannot wait for them to be parents! We are using eggs from a relative and We are SOON to be going to OHIO to transfer 3 little embryos into my loven Oven!

We are on our second cycle, our first did not work and didn't even make it to transfer because my IM (intended mother) was attempting to use her own eggs. She was understandably devastated when our clinic called her to cancel the cycle because she wasn't responding to the medication and injections. So we were on hold for awhile trying to find an egg donor. Well we did and we are now set to transfer on November 16th. I have been on Birth Control for the last month, Tomorrow I start my injections again. I will start every morning for the next 15? weeks taking Lupron in tiny little shots into my stomach or thighs, Then in 2 weeks I get to start Progesterone Shots in my rear! Those are big huge thick oily needles, they are 1 and a half inches long and you have to put the hole needle in. I actually don't mind the big ones, its the little ones that sting badly.

Anyway thats where I am ... without a camera to show you my projects and starting a huge step in my second surrogacy journey.


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