Saturday, October 27, 2007

Knifty Knitter Long Loom Dog sweater

Ok so Yesterday I finally FINALLY got a set of KK long looms, I got them at Michaels, they are also having a 50% off sale on KK round looms...


I sat down last night with the smallest long loom.. the pink one and made this little dog sweater... It came out much better then the Blue round jig.

SO here is the sweater, with my shih tzu (yes i know she is shaved) Modeling her sexy new fall sweater!

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And here is the SUPER easy way to knit this Long loom doggy sweater.. The ONLY stitch used is the ewrap!

I knit 8 rows with light brown yarn, then I made a Brim for the waist (just put the first knitted row back up on the pegs and knit over)

then I changed to dark brown yarn and ewrapped and knit 10 rows, I cut yarn and put on the green yarn, knit another 10 rows in ewrap stitch, cut yarn .,... then I tied on dark brown yarn again.. knit 4 rounds, then I picked the side of the loom I wanted to make the leg wholes,,, I choose the first 4 on each side... So I Binded off those 4.... Knit until you hit the 4 stitches... knit the first BO stitch, put that loop on the next peg, then wrap the peg again, knitting 2 over 1... put that loop on the next peg, wrap peg again, knit 2 over 1 again... until all 4 pegs are empty... then ewrap and knit all the pegs in between... stopping to BO the last 4 in the same fashion.

then I ewraped and knitted all the way around the loom, stopping at the last peg before the BO leg holes... I went back again to the other side (so just the other side without the leg holes twice.

then I attached the light brown or tan yarn to the pegs between! the leg holes and e wrapped and knit 6 rows back and forth and cut and tied that yarn... then just wrap ALL the pegs with the brown working yarn... knit the ones with two loops as you wrap the empty pegs, then I knit the rest to a total of 10 rows for ALL the brown.. so about 5 more rows.

Then I cut dark brown yarn and started with the tan again for the collar, I ewraped and knit 4 rows, then I did a chunky braid stitch, (ewrap loom 4 times, knit 3 loops over 1) then I was ready to BO all the pegs... What I did was the same as the leg wholes with one difference

Pick you first peg...ewrap it, move that loop to the next peg, ewrap and knit 2 loops over 1... then ewrap and knit one more time, then lift that loop and put it on the next peg, ewrap again, knit 2 over 1, then ewrap again knit over, move loop to the next peg... this makes a very cool bumpy braidey look.

Then once your last peg is there cut working yarn and slide it through the loop making a knot....

and put it on a dog!!! Congrats! I hope you like the sweater and the pattern.


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Claudette said...

I love your little sweater! Sooo cute! I am going to try a couple for my boys. I am thinking about using sock monkey colors. Being boys, I will need to make the underneath a little shorter too.