Monday, October 29, 2007

No Looming.. and a gripe

Today's post will not be about looming or the joys of surrogacy... It will be a gripe.

I try not to complain doing surrogacy, because I know my life would be way worse if I am the one that wasn't about to get pregnant.

But every now and again I feel a gripe fest coming on, I being a good wife normally take these gripes to my husband, Who I am sure never gets bored of me complaining (add snark smiley here)

So I figured since some of you are reading this with the hopes of one day being a surrogate, I won't fill this blog with only the beautiful part, but the whole part. So every now and then I am going to allow myself to complain here...

Gripe number ONE.... Lupron

Lupron is the drug we are using instead of the E2V we used last time.... in a word I hate it!
Normally the medications I take don't really effect my day to day activities and routine... But Lupron ////// oh Lupron is made by the devil I am sure of it! I take that friendly little needle every morning in my thigh or belly. Its a very small needle, same as a diabetic would use, and it sucks... it sucks BAD. It leaves lumps full of the devil juice that I have to rub down to absorb into my skin, then once this friendly little cocktail mixes with my blood I get tired... So very tired..

I had often heard of surrogates getting excited to use this drug and be "loopy on Lupron" there is no loopy feeling, just a complete wet kitten bone tired for 2 hours after I take it. Like how tired a newlywed is once the wedding is done. theres no time for sex, only sleep. so I take my lovely shot in at around 7am and I don't actually get out of bed anymore till about 10am. I hate feeling tired like this. Anyway that is my Lupron gripe. I will be so happy to move onto the big bad Progesterone shots.

here are some pics to compare sizes of the shots...

Small little Evil Lupron shot

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Nice huge Angelic Progesterone in oil shot.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

how weird is it that I hate the little shots but I don't even feel the big ones?

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