Monday, November 12, 2007

News on the surrogacy front

Well after being poked and proded and dosed to the gills with hormones of all sorts. I went in this morning (11/12) for a baseline ultrasound, this checks the thickening of my uterus and lining to see if I am ready to transfer.

Now they look for a number above 7 (7 is concidered a medium thick wall) well my number was more then 7.. it was 12.95.. thats very thick... before she told me my number the nurse said "oh your so getting pregnant" Made me very very happy and made my Ips tickled pink.

So in 6 short hours I am leaving for Ohio... I will be there for 7 days and we are not sure of the exact day, because really thats all up to the embryos and how they hold up. but we know it has to be either this coming weekend or on Monday.. I will have invitro that will change my life for 9 short months and change my Ips lives for the rest of there days.

I could just wett myself I am so excited!!!

take care and think fertile thoughts for me and my Ips!

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