Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bad news.. I think?

Well it took a very long time for me to post this news. Because I am so unsure of whats going on.

My levels have been going up very slowly (HCG) I am pregnant... but no one knows if Its viable.

I had an ultrasound on my birthday that showed a sac that measured small. Then I went home to take a birthday nap and woke up covered in blood. SO I went to the ER, and was diagnosed a "threated Miscarriage" not a complete miscarriage because my cervix is closed and my levels where over 2430... so I was put on bedrest and now I am waiting for my next Ultrasound to see if the baby is gone or is still ok.. No one knows and everyone is too scared to breathe let alone hope.

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Sorka said...

Oh man!! I sure hope everything will be alright in the end!
It's so hard to wait and not know!